(This is a rough draft of a chapter that will appear in China vs The Jews.)

What on Earth is happening in Ukraine? Are you as confused as I am?

When Russia launched its initial invasion, the media quickly pounced on its floundering military. We read about tanks stuck in mud, running out of fuel, or blown up by Ukrainian freedom fighters.

Ukrainians even reportedly shot down Russian aircraft and one or two ships, and they allegedly killed several Russian generals. Some “journalists” were cautiously optimistic about a Ukrainian victory.

At the same time, Western sanctions were taking a savage toll on Russia, we were told. There were suggestions that ordinary Russians might revolt against Putin’s government.

Suddenly, reality looks strikingly different. There are reports that Russia now controls one quarter of Ukraine, primarily the valuable coastal regions. Though Russia’s economy is taking a beating, the Russian bear is giving Europe’s economy a beating in return. In addition, Russia may be forging closer ties with Asian countries, not limited to China, and I haven’t heard of any brewing civil war in Russia.

And have you noticed the Jewish connection? Putin describes Ukraine as a country teeming with NeoNazis, yet its president is a Jew, Volodymyr Zelensky. And what about all those “Russian oligarchs” who have moved to Israel?

In the meantime, the global fallout, following on the heels of a coronavirus pandemic that has already wreaked havoc, could be catastrophic. Will the U.S. be able to escape the economic turmoil? And if millions of people around the world were already hungry because of the plandemic, how are we going to deal with the loss of Russian-Ukrainian agricultural bounty?

Diverging Opinions ˆ

What’s going on? How/why did this war begin in the first place?

On one side are those who blame the U.S.

In late 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved, supposedly ending the Cold War. But someone forgot to tell the U.S. government, which continued its militarization of Europe. American nuclear missiles were positioned ever closer to Russia as efforts were mare to recruit more European countries into NATO, which is effectively a terrorist organization. How could Russia tolerate this ominous threat to its very survival?

When Ukraine began seriously plotting NATO membership, it was the last straw.

However, others say baloney; this is nothing more than a war over resources. You see, the pillar of Russia’s economy is its vast reserves of fossil fuels. Russia has the world’s largest natural gas reserves, the second-largest coal reserves, the eighth-largest oil reserves, and the largest oil shale reserves in Europe. It is the world’s leading natural gas exporter, the second-largest natural gas producer, and the second-largest oil exporter and producer.

Ukraine is also richly blessed with fossil fuels, which could turn it into an economic rival. So Putin decided to effectively steal its natural resources, similar to the United States’ theft of oil in the Middle East.

So what’s the verdict? Is Putin nothing more than a thief, or is this a war over NATO that might be ultimately blamed on the U.S.? Or could it be all of the above?

My Conspiracy Theory ˆ

I’ve come up with a conspiracy theory that nicely explains the origin and purpose of this war. I don’t have enough evidence to issue a verdict, but it seems very logical, and we may get a clearer picture as time goes by.

The key to my theory is the Jews. Wherever you have Jews, you’re going to have corruption, sleaze, and conspiracy.

Though Jews claim to be Semites, most are actually European trailer park trash that originated in Eastern Europe, much of which was once part of the Russian Empire. Of course, the global capitals of international Jewry is Israel.

The Jews have brainwashed themselves into believing that they’re Semites who are ordained by God (who considers them his favorites) to rule Israel, which might be described as their true capital. They view the U.S. as little more than a source of power and wealth that can be easily extracted from its naive, gullible citizens.

Changing of the Guard

However, there’s bad news on the horizon: the United States is going down the toilet, largely because the Jews have been screwing Americans for a century or more. And with the U.S. prepping for a war with China, that leaves even fewer resources for defending Israel from its victims.

To put it in perspective, imagine if the U.S. provoked a war with China. The Middle East would be virtually forgotten as the U.S. desperately struggled to prevail over its Asian foe. If a war then broke out between Israel and Iran, the Jews would have to fight their own war for a change. And if other Middle Eastern countries allied with Iran, Israel’s plight would be even grimmer.

The solution? Find a new ally! And the obvious choice is Russia.

In fact, Israel and Russia already appear to be joined at the hip. Witness all those Russian oligarchs who moved to Israel in the face of Western sanctions.

You could also take a look at Syria, which is supposedly Russia’s Middle Eastern ally.

In the face of a horrific war of terror orchestrated by the Jews and prosecuted by the U.S. and Israel through a proxy they dubbed ISIS, Russia rescued Syria from total defeat. At least, that’s what it looked like. But was something else going on?

Russia is said to boast some of the world’s most formidable anti-aircraft weapons, particularly the S-400 missile system. Yet Israeli aircraft routinely attack Syria at will while its Russian defenders look the other way.

On May 16, 2022, Israel’s Channel 13 reported that a Russian S-300 missile was fired at Israeli jets after they attacked targets near the northwestern Syrian city of Masyaf on the night of May 13. However, the system’s radar reportedly did not lock onto any of the aircraft and therefore posed no danger to them.

An earlier missile strike had a more tragic ending. In September 2018, a vintage Russian S-200 missile was fired at Israeli jets during a strike in the western province of Latakia. However, the missile hit a Russian II-20 plane instead, killing all fifteen crew members.

One has to wonder how Russian troops can keep up their morale knowing that they’re more likely than Israeli Jews to be killed by their own missiles. Of course, Syrian troops have it even worse; how do they know their Russian “allies” won’t shoot them in the back?

If you still aren’t convinced that Israel and Russia are on the same team, just consider the cozy relationship between Vladimir Putin and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

And so we might surmise that the Jews started the war with the Ukraine as a strategy for preserving Russia’s power. As a bonus, Russia may make an even better ally against China than the U.S. since Russia lies between China and the Middle East.

There’s another possible bonus with roots deep in Ukrainian history.

Have you ever heard of the Holodomor? It was a man-made famine that occurred in 1932-1933 and killed 3.5 to 5 million Ukrainians. The famine was the work of Joseph Stalin, the bloody dictator who then ruled the Soviet Union.

The death toll likely exceeded that of the Holocaust, yet most Americans have never even heard of the Holodomor, which easily qualifies as genocide. The Jew-controlled media would have us believe that the Holocaust is the only genocide that really matters.

Many people believe that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish conspiracy and the Soviet Union was controlled by Jews. Whether they believed this or not, it was only natural for Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans who feared the Soviet beast to support Adolf Hitler during World War II. It was also natural for them to hate Jews, just as Jews have been hated across Europe and around the world for centuries.

Was the Soviet Union really controlled by Jews? Was anti-Jewism widespread in Ukraine before or after the Holodomor? Is it widespread today?

I don’t have the answers, but, based on my research, I believe the Soviet Union was indeed effectively controlled by Jews. If that’s true, it would certainly seem logical for Ukrainians to hate the people who killed as many as five million of their fellow citizens in a manner far more brutal than the Jews’ Holocaust.

However, the Jews don’t like facts or even intelligent theories. They prefer to label Ukrainians who hate Jews NeoNazis. Vladimir Putin plays along, claiming he wants to “de-Nazify” Ukraine.

In plain English, I think the Jews want to destroy Ukraine in part because Ukrainians are intelligent enough to know that the Jews are their enemies, and they aren’t afraid to talk about it. Do you remember that Malaysian airliner that was shot down over Ukraine in 2014? Malaysia is a Muslim country; its government is not on friendly terms with Israel.


As you’ve probably heard by now, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is a Jew. A Jewish comedian, to be precise.

Some might argue that this odd fact throws a monkey wrench in my theory. “How could the Jews be plotting to destroy Ukraine when its president is a Jew himself?”

In fact, I see it from the opposite perspective. I don’t trust Jews, and a Jewish pResident working under cover for the international Jewish lobby would make it that much easier for the Jews to do their dirty work.

Summary ˆ

To summarize, I think Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was motivated by a desire to steal its natural resources and by a desire to stop NATO in its tracks at the same time.

To summarize, I think the Jews, particularly Israeli Jews, view Russia as an ally and therefore want to strengthen it, particularly as the U.S. declines. The Jews were presumably spooked by the possibility that Ukraine’s wealth of fossil fuels and access to the sea might threaten Russia’s power.

The most direct solution was a military invasion. But how should it be packaged?

Rather than admit that Russia was embarking on a selfish campaign designed to 1) limit economic competition and 2) punish Ukrainians who don’t like Jews, the war was promoted as a simple reaction to increasing NATO encroachment in Eastern Europe.

The U.S. government did its part by continuing its attacks on Russia, which have taken the form of sanctions and growing military pressure, largely via nuclear weapons and an ongoing expansion of NATO. Did pResident Joe Biden know that pressuring Ukraine to join NATO would likely provoke a military response, or was he just blindly following his Jewish handlers?

In the big scheme of things, it makes little difference.

My theory nicely accounts for the Jewish players that figure so prominently in this saga. Those players include the Jewish media whores who so badly misinterpreted events in Ukraine.

Speaking of Jews, there’s another bonus I haven’t mentioned yet—chaos.

The Jews thrive on misery and suffering. They love war, which explains why the U.S. (which is controlled by Jews) and Israel are the world’s foremost terrorist states. I’m among the people who believe both world wars were started by the Jews, who then blamed it on the Germans.

In my book Jew Flu, I suggest that the COVID-19 might have been created by Jewish scientists to use as a weapon against China. Yes. China’s economy performed very well during the pandemic, but what about the damage to its trading partners? Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine during the waning days of the pandemic, giving the world no breaks at all. The resulting global chaos will not help China’s global trade initiative.

The message for China is clear: Never trust a Jew, and don’t trust countries that are controlled by Jews, including Russia. If you feel the need to take Taiwan back by force or get militarily involved in the Middle East, wait until the U.S. has downsized itself even further, but don’t wait too long. Some people are predicting that climate change will turn Russia into the next global superpower. Rising temperatures will slowly thaw Siberia, opening it to settlement and exploitation. Melting ice will further open the Arctic Ocean up to navigation, giving Russia’s economy yet another boots.

* * * * *

This article is a rough draft for a chapter in China vs The Jews. I’ll probably have more to say in the final version.

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