East vs Beast

The Jews think they’re God’s chosen people. The ancient Chinese arguably has a similar attitude, regarding people living outside China as barbarians

The Great Wall of China was built to keep the barbarians out. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop the Mongols, who were followed by subsequent invaders, including the colonial Europeans, Americans, and Japanese.

Overall, the Chinese have been far more diplomatic than the Jews, however.

While Jews thrive on war, China has been equated with peaceful commerce since time immemorial. Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, Napoleon, and the colonial British have no counterparts in China.

Of course, the greatest contemporary colonial power is the United States, and its destructive power isn’t limited to war. The Jews have helped the U.S. turn money into a weapon, as evidenced by the crippling sanctions it has levied against a number of countries.

America’s corporate sector reeks of corruption, and the key players are largely Jews. Google and Facebook are both owned by Jews, as are many other popular websites. Microsoft is stacked to the gills with Jews. The world’s most famous patent troll, a Jew names Nathan Myhrvold, used to serve as Microsoft’s chief technology officer.

So, when people talk about China vs the USA, they may be only half right. For China isn’t an enemy of the American public. Indeed, China might one day help us overthrow our corrupt government and figure out a final solution to the Jews that parasitize our nation.

It gets even better.

The world have been ruled by white people for half a millennium. As China continues to grow in power, it threatens to upset the apple cart. Thus, a world dominated by China could help open the doors for a variety of minorities who have long lived in the shadow of the white race.

China is patiently edging the U.S. out of Latin America without firing a shot. It has similarly gained control over much of Africa.

What we’re witnessing is a global revolution, the likes of which has never been seen. Though it remains to be seen how China will yield its power, I like what I see so far.

China is far from perfect, but I love my Huawei smart phone, and I can’t wait until China gives Microsoft and Apple some competition. I wish the U.S. would follow China’s lead and ban Google and Facebook.

On a more spiritual level, I don’t see China threatening the Jews’ virtual monopoly over war and dirty economics. There’s reason to hope that the lives of millions of people in Africa and Latin America will soon improve as a result of forging economic ties with China. Sadly, there’s little hope for the growing army of homeless people in the U.S..

However, there is a possibility, no matter how small, that the Jews will finally succeed in pushing China into war. And as long as China’s missiles are striking the U.S., that won’t be a problem for the Jews. But if the Chinese wake up and take the war to Israel … well, let’s just say I’ll volunteer to join China’s military in a heartbeat.